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I am JC Chhokar and I have been a Commercial Real Estate Agent since 2016. I do carry a license for Residential and Farm, but I SPECIALIZE in the COMMERCIAL DIVISION, including multi-unit properties, small businesses, industrial lots, development, and sales/leasing. I love the world of real estate and I think it naturally fits into who I am as a person.

I loved business and pursued these ventures right after completing my university and ran SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES which include multi-units, gas stations, liquor stores, and construction. However, initially, I started my education with a passion for learning about culture and history. I finished my education with a degree in Anthropology and History. While I was enrolled in Masters’s in U of T, I realized my core interest was Business, therefore I bought my first business “Buns Master Bakery” in 2003, which was a local bakery in Moose Jaw.  I owned that bakery from 2003 to 2015 during which I expanded my market from Moose Jaw to Regina and eventually bought Regina Northgate Bakery. I continued to pursue commercial properties with my family and helped myself and my family out in expanding our multiunit and commercial real estate businesses.

In 2016, I transitioned myself to my real passion which was REAL ESTATE! Commercial real estate was natural to me. I am always driven by finding the right property for my clients for their needs as I am in their situation. With my experiences as a small business owner and developer, I am the right real estate agent for you, whether it is a small business or a commercial development I am here to help. I also specialize in sales/leasing and can help find my clients the right location for their business and their needs.

Commercial investment is a serious investment like buying your first home and you should seek an agent with the knowledge not just only as an agent, but also who has the experience and has been through a client’s situation and will be honest with you about your purchase and have sound advice in making the right decision for your needs. In my previous years, I helped my clients turn friends to create their restaurants into franchisee restaurants such as The Flats Restaurant. I also have helped my clients create a business from scratch such as developing the building first and then creating a business within, such as Regina Family Pharmacy. Let me be the guide to create something for you for your bright future.

Please do not hesitate to call me or ask anything about your commercial property or business you are looking for.

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