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Well the June numbers for Regina Real Estate are in and they are, well, um... lets just say they are a mixed up lot. Check out the details here:



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The Real Estate market in Regina this Spring has been an interesting one to say the least! Buyers are somewhat overwhelmed at the choice of houses for sale in Regina and are having a hard time deciding on whether they should write an offer on this house or that house or worse yet... wait for a "better" one! As I write this there are 1690 homes under contract on the MLS. Regina Real Estate agents have their work cut out for them that's for sure! It takes a lot of time and expertise to weed through all these homes and find the right one for their clients. If you are looking to purchase a property you need a full time agent working for you or you will be spending most of your time looking at houses that you don't like. Let the agent do the work. Tell them

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Its the end of March and we know that sooner than later the "big melt" will begin. We all look forward to it and can't wait to get out and start doing some things in the yard or at the cottage. There is nothing like busting up that last little snow bank and seeing it melt away. Then its on to the lawn, the patio and the garden, all the fun stuff about being a home owner. Now I don't want to be a Debbie Downer but there are a few less fun things that you should pay attention to as the snow starts to melt. Take a walk around the outside of the house. Lets be honest here, you haven't done that since November right before it got cold enough to put up the Christmas lights. Make sure that the grade around the house is allowing the water to run away from the

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The days are getting longer and the sun has a bit of heat in it. That can only mean that Spring is around the corner. I know we still might see some more snow and it still might hit minus "holy crap" but there is no denying that we are on the downhill side of Winter. 

 I don't mind saying, and I don't think I'm alone in this, Spring is my favorite time of year! Who doesn't like the weather warming up, the snow melting and having mud up the ying yang? Maybe its because as we get older we like Winter less and less each year so the expectations of Spring are pretty low, or maybe its because coming from the farm, Spring was a time to shift gears from prepping and planning to implementation. Whatever the reason is I love it!

 I hope you all came out of

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Come January 1st there are some changes to the Mortgage Rules that may have an impact on your buying power. As of January 1st everyone getting a new mortgage will be subject to a "stress test" even if you plan on putting 20% or more as a down payment. 

  Check out the whole story below...
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There are some big changes about to take place in the Regina Distillery sector. The Minhas family (Minjit Minhas of Dragons Den fame) will be opening a multi-million dollar World Class Distillery in Regina early in 2018. Exiting times for the industry! Check out the story below.  http://leaderpost.com/business/local-business/minhas-family-to-open-new-world-class-distillery-in-regina
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Congratulations! You are ready to buy a home.

Purchasing a home is an exciting life milestone and is a huge decision with so many factors to consider. Finding the right property can be a challenge. What may seem like a good fit now may not be the best choice for your family in the long run.  You need professional guidance and The Clark/Cullen Group is here to help.

Here are our 5 best tips when buying a home:

    • Neighborhood – Do your research before looking at homes in neighborhoods that are not a right fit for you. Look into school districts, local parks, neighbors, conveniences or whatever is important to you. Consider the length of your commute to work so that you can maximize the amount of time you have to spend doing the things you
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Are you thinking about upgrading to a bigger or better home? Here are a few suggestions from the Clark Cullen Group. 

  1. Have one of our top team members come and evaluate your property to give you a current market value as well as advise you on any preparations that might need to be done prior to listing your home.
  2. It’s always great to contact your banker or mortgage broker prior to selling your home. There may be prepayment penalties and unexpected fees to consider.  They can also review your file and discuss mortgage porting options to avoid any possible fees.
  3. Correct any improvements that may be needed to make your home sell quicker and for top dollar in the current market.  A pre-home inspection may be an option for you. This way there won’t
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